Discover the main features Doppler Relay offers to send your Transactional Emails on a simple and secure way. Automatize all your transactional messages without affecting any of your daily communications. Increase your customer loyalty and optimize your sendings.

Trust our expert team

Doppler Relay team will be always ready to guide you step by step through the configuration of the service and will monitor the correct performance of each one of your Transactional Emails. Ask your questions about deliverability to our experts and get applicable advice.

Personalized service
Email, chat and phone support

Email, Chat and Phone

Our customer support team will help you via Email, phone, chat and social networks. Whatever your question or doubt is, they will be there to help you.

English and Spanish support

Spanish and English Support

You can count on a highly qualified team of professionals to provide you with personalized attention in Spanish or English.

Account Manager

Account Manager

Have a direct contact with your Account Manager. They will be in charge of solving any question you may have, as quickly and clearly as possible. Each one of our account managers is highly trained, able to quickly understand your delivery challenges and provide you with accurate answers.

Quick answers

Quick Answers

We know how important is the correct arrival of this type of Email to your customer’s inbox, and every minute wasted can mean losing a client. That's why our team is ready to solve your problems as quickly as possible.

Tips and best practices

Tips and best practices

Having a high percentage of deliverability involves to put in practice a set of good practices. That is why every time you have a problem, our specialists will give you recommendations to improve your email strategy, based on industry news.

Individualized follow-up

Individualized follow-up

Our team carefully monitors email delivery and performance and proactively works to ensure maximum delivery to your customers' inbox.