SMTP Relay Connection

Doppler Relay is a cloud-based SMTP provider that allows you to send transactional emails without having to concern and maintain your own solution or email servers. Don’t waste time and resources making sure your emails reach your client's inbox, we’ll do it for you!

How does the SMTP Relay connection work?

Sending via SMTP Relay is the easiest way to get started with Doppler Relay, as it only requires changing email settings to point our servers. By just Including your Username, Password, Server Host Name, PORT, you’ll be ready to start sending with Doppler Relay.

How does the SMTP Relay connection work?
Why should I send using SMTP Relay?

Why should I use the SMTP Relay connection?

Sending emails to a large group of clients requires more than cc’s them in your personal email. Email providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, and AOL, limit the number of email you can send without being marked as spam and you can easily saturate the server. So they are not the right options to fulfill this task.


The right infrastructure

Sending a lot of emails requires an infrastructure, capable of supporting and sending the desired volume of emails. Sending through Doppler Relay's SMTP server will save you time and resources, since building and maintaining this solution internally is expensive and a challenge that will take you time away from what matters in your business.

Necessary infrastructure for sending Transactional Emails

Seamless integration

The process is fast and easy, you just have to complete four simple steps in your account configuration and you’ll be ready to start sending Transactional Emails. You just need to include your Username, Password, Server Host Name and PORT

Integrates easily with Doppler Relay using SMTP


An external SMTP server is a scalable solution that grows with you at the same time that your business expands. Whether you are sending transactional emails to a small group or to a large number of customers, Doppler Relay’s infrastructure allows you to scale the number of emails you send without any inconvenience.

Scale easily thanks to Doppler Relay’s SMTP Servers

Real-time reports

With our SMTP server you will get detailed and easy to understand information from the moment you start sending your transactional emails. Doppler Relay’s dashboard make it easy to navigate, filter and manipulate all the statistics that we offer you. Get all the KPIs you need such as open rate, click rate, spam rate, unsubscribes and more.

Get real-time reports with Doppler Relay

¨Thanks to Doppler Relay, we reduced by 34% the logistical costs involved in the traditional mailing of each customers’ credit card statements. We have also improved the payment collection and customers’ loyalty, thanks to the correct arrival of their credit card statements¨

Alejandra Guille
Alejandra Guille
Marketing Manager at Fava

Why choose Doppler relay?

Transactional email is a key element to improve the relationship with your clients, and make a difference with your competitors. So if you want to ensure your transactional email gets delivered to your clients’ inbox, you need a Transactional Email platform like Doppler Relay.

Transactional Email Platform: 98% Deliverability

A 98% deliverability and security in all your sendings

Transactional Email Platform: Easy integration

Simple and flexible connection: API, SMTP & FTP

Transactional Email Platform: Real time report

Detailed & real time data and downloadable reports

Transactional Email Platform: Personalized attention

Personalized attention, no matter the type of question

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