REST API Connection

Doppler Relay’s Rest API facilitates the integration with any coding language you choose to use, whether you have a framework, CMS, CRM, an app, an eCommerce or your own code. Once configured, choose the parameters and let us do the job. Enjoy your free time!

How does the Rest API connection work?

Doppler Relay’s API provides a standard interface that allows your application or website to directly interact with our platform. You can integrate your product with Doppler Relay or you can create applications to manage in a more efficient way a large amount of emails or with certain complexity.

Our complete library makes the integration easy no matter what language you prefer to use. That’s because our API is independent of programming languages, you can develop applications in any language such as: Java, .Net, C, C ++, PHP, etc.

How does Doppler Relay’s API Rest work?
Doppler Relay’s Rest API advantages

Why should I send via Rest API?

This connection is perfect if you have an email flow that you would like to automate, as our Rest API offers greater flexibility compared to the SMTP and FTP connections. You'll be able to automate a wide range of different types of emails, such as onboarding emails, support emails, usage notifications and much more.


Robust and easy to use API

Our Rest API is easy to integrate and flexible to your needs. The Rest API includes descriptive HTTP methods, resource-based URLs and JSON requests. To use the REST API, your application will make an HTTP request and parse the response. REST APIs work through HTTP (s) which makes it easy to use with any programming language or framework. The input and output format for Relay Doppler’s API is JSON.

 Doppler Relay’s Rest API is easy to use

Access to detailed documentation

Check out our documentation to know the best way to connect with your company. Our complete and detailed API will solve any possible doubts you may have when connecting with Doppler Relay. In addition our playground allows you to test any of our calls to your account to quickly get an idea of how the requests and answers look with real data

Detailed documentation of our Rest API

Transactional Email delivery optimization

Our platform has world-class delivery tools and experience to ensure your transactional emails reach your customers’ inbox.

  • Take advantage of domain personalization even if you send via a shared IP.

  • Avoid spoofing or phishing attacks thanks to the creation of Domainkeys and our TSL certificate.

  • Incorporate exclusive IP addresses to optimize the reputation of your domain and IP.

  • Our team will help you improve the reputation of your IP and deliverability.

Transactional Email deliverability optimization

¨With Doppler Relay we have improved the quality of our service thanks to the high deliverability rate and the detailed reports. The integration and configuration process has been really easy, and every time we have any question we receive personalized attention from the support team.¨

Octavio Ocaña
Octavio Ocaña
Business Manager at Buzone

Why choose Doppler relay?

Transactional email is a key element to improve the relationship with your clients, and make a difference with your competitors. So if you want to ensure your transactional email gets delivered to your client’s inbox, you need a Transactional Email platform like Doppler Relay.

Transactional Email Platform: 98% Deliverability

A 98% deliverability and security in all your sendings

Transactional Email Platform: Easy integration

Simple and flexible connection: API, SMTP & FTP

Transactional Email Platform: Real time reports

Detailed & real time data and downloadable reports

Transactional Email Platform: Personalized attention

Personalized attention, no matter the type of question

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