What is Transactional Email?

What is transactional email?

Transactional Emails are those which are sent in response to a specific action done by the user. These emails often contain information that your client wants or needs, that's why they have very high open rates.

Transactional emails allows you to send relevant and unique information to a specific user, which means that the information you're sending won’t serve any other person.

Why are they so important?

Transactional emails offer the highest interaction rate when they arrive safe and sound to your customers' inbox. This type of email is open up to 8 more times than Email Marketing, which is why it’s a great opportunity to improve your customer loyalty and reduce your churn.

Why transactional email is important?

Transactional Email Advantages

Increase your customer loyalty

Since the information of these emails are important for your users, its correct arrival is one of the key to improve your customer loyalty. Also you can use them to offer similar products based on your customers’ purchases and your behaviors.

Increase customer loyalty thanks to Transactional Email

Improve your customers’ experience

Having an appropriate transactional email strategy helps you to create an outstanding experience for each one of your customer when they made a purchase or action in your application, website or ecommerce.

Improve user experience thanks to Transactional Email

Save some valuable time to your customer service team

Transactional Email keeps your customers informed about any action they have taken. So your support team will get much less questions to know the status of their order, purchase or question.

Reduce the workload of your customer service team thanks to Transactional Email

Increase brand awareness

Your customers are waiting for your transactional emails, so each one of those messages is an unmatched opportunity to reinforce your brand awareness and make a difference from your competitors.

Increase your Brand Awareness with Transactional Email

Personalize your messages

The main advantage of transactional email is the human touch. Despite these emails are automatically sent individually to your contacts instead of massively as in email marketing, the information it contains is individual.

Personalize your messages thanks to Transactional Email

Why use a Transactional Email platform?

Cloud platforms such as Doppler Relay offers several benefits against send them with your own servers. Find them out here!

  • Save time and resources and have more money in your budget.

  • Simplicity, send transactional emails in minutes with our easy configuration.

  • High deliverability rate thanks to the application of rules and standards configuration.

  • Customizable integration with multi-platform development support.

  • You can get answers when you need them through our documentation.

  • Reports & real-time statistics such: delivery, bounces, openings, clicks and more.

  • Environmental protection and security of each email sent.

  • Your emails won’t suffer delays in reaching your customers’ inbox.

What types of transactional emails exist?

Type of Transactional Email: Account Creation

1Account Creation Email

One of the first transactional emails your client will receive is the account creation confirmation. This type of email is essential to establish a good relationship with your clients. Use account creation emails as an opportunity to connect with your subscribers and start a reliable communication with them.

Use these types of emails to:

  • Guide your users into their first steps using your app.

  • Give advice on how to get the most out of your solution.

  • Welcome your users and transform them into customers.

Type of Transactional Email: Purchase Confirmation

2Purchase Confirmation

Your customers expect to receive the confirmation of their purchase. Delays in this type of email or being delivered to the spam folder can cause a bad user experience with your brand and potentially impact in future purchases.

It’s important to keep in mind the following things:

  • Match your emails design with your brand.

  • Add purchase details such as item, payment details, etc.

  • Make sure these templates are optimized for mobile.

Type of Transactional Email: Reset Password

3Reset Password

Reset password emails allow users to recover their pass or to create new ones. This type of transactional email is essential for any application that requires a password.

It’s crucial to know the following things when creating this type of email:

  • How reliable is your transactional email service provider?

  • Are you making sure your password emails arrives?

  • How are you going to protect your users against fraud?

Type of Transactional Email: App Notifications

4Account notifications

When developing your web or mobile application, you should consider how to notify or alert your users about important activities that are taking place in your application. These transactional emails can cover a wide range of use cases and all represent an opportunity to reinforce your brand.

Use cases in this type of email includes:

  • Alerts based on account usage or metric updates.

  • Updates into the subscriber's account, such as messages.

  • Add new users or updates to existing user permissions.

Type of Transactional Email: Send attachments

5Send Attachments

Send bills, invoices and credit card statements in a simple way and ensuring that your customer will receive it at the right time, wherever they are, at any device, giving them the facility to pay in a quickly and simple way.

Use these type of emails to:

  • Provide facilities to your customers when making a payment.

  • Save money compared to send your receipts by traditional mail.

  • Do a real follow up regarding each customer’s invoice.

Connect with Doppler Relay vía API, SMTP & FTP

Connect with Doppler Relay via API, SMTP or FTP

Transactional email is a key element to improve the relationship with your clients, and make a difference from your competitors. So if you want to ensure your transactional email gets delivered to your client’s inbox, you need a Transactional Email platform like Doppler Relay.

Transactional Email Platform: 98% Deliverability

A 98% deliverability and security in all your sendings

Transactional Email Platform: Easy integration

Simple and flexible connection: API, SMTP & FTP

Transactional Email Platform: Real time reports

Detailed & real time data and downloadable reports

Transactional Email Platform: Personalized attention

Personalized attention, no matter the type of question

Ready to start doing Transactional Email?

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